Enrollment Information for International Students to Jiangxi University of Engineering


Jiangxi University of Engineering (JUE) was initially started in 1983 which was born and grew under the influence of “the reform and opening-up” of China. In 2014, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, JUE was permitted to become an undergraduate level college. In the last 33 years, JUE has created a “Xinyu Phenomenon and JUE effect” which indicates that JUE does have a certain influence in the field of education. JUE is located in Xinyu city of Jiangxi Province which is the only “new energy and technology” city in China. Xinyu is a city with an ideal location and has the highest level of urbanisation and living standard in Jiangxi Province.

The area campus of Jiangxi University of Engineering is 2,060 mus of which area of buildings is 450,000 squaremetres. There are 8 experimental training centres in JUE where 1,054 varieties of experimental training projects can be processed. We also have established cooperation with more than 500 companies and have more than 150 stable practical bases for students to do internships. The largest CNC training base that designated construction by the Ministry of Education is in Jiangxi University of Engineering. Besides, JUE’s ability in robots and laboratories of intelligent practical creating ranks extremely high in Jiangxi. One of the principals of JUE is that experts focus on the college management while outstanding teachers concentrate on teaching. At present, there are more than 1,000 teachers and staffs among which 765 are professional teachers, 68 are professors, 132 are associate professors, 376 are doctor and master level teachers and 3 foreign teachers. 65% of them are carrying a title of Senior Profession.

The teaching and living facilities in JUE are complete with canteen, banks, college hospital, shopping area, library, playground, stadium, theatre and so on. All these advantages have provided a sound and convenient living and studying environment for both students and teachers.



What to learn here

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Electronic and Information Engineering

Communications Engineering

Civil Engineering

Construction Costs

Trade and Economic

Internet of Things Engineering

Network Engineering

Mechanical Design and Manufacture and Automation

Vehicle Engineering

New Energy and Science Engineering

Finance Engineering

Electronic Commerce

Visual Communication Design

Environmental Design

Business English


If there are more than 15 international students in a class, all the courses will be taught in English. Otherwise, international students will be taught in Chinese with Chinese students together.


Foundation Courses

Reading Chinese, Speaking Chinese, Listening Chinese, Business Chinese, Modern Chinese, Chinese Culture, Chinese History, General Introduction of Chinese, Chinese Newspapers and Magazines Reading, HSK training courses, English and so on.


After the Foundation courses, we ensure that all the international students will pass the HSK 4.0 examination. In addition to this, we will recommend the international students to China famous universities for the undergraduate and master programs.

Students Types

For Bachelor’s Degree Programs

4-year program, students who meet the Chinese language requirements and pass the exams will receive the bachelor’s degree.

For Foundation Courses

1-year program, the courses begin in March or September every year. After the entrance examination, students will be separated into elementary, intermediate and advanced classes.

Entry Requirements

1. Senior high school graduation at least.

2. Applicants should be non-Chinese permanent residents who reach the age of 17. Applicants are expected to be healthy, well-behaved, willing to obey PRC’S laws and JUE’s regulations and paying respect to Chinese custom and habits.

3. Holding valid foreign passport.




Registration time

Three months before enrollment. For more information, please refer to the International Education School of JUE.

Enrollment time

 September of each year, please refer to Admission Letter of Enrollment for exact time.


For Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Application fee: A non-refundable fee of    450   RMB.

Tuition fee(one academic year):16800  RMB/year

For Foundation Courses

Application fee: A non-refundable fee of  1000  RMB.

Tuition fee(one academic year):10000 RMB/year


JUE is offering full scholarship to the top international students. The tuition fee and accommodation fee are free of charge. Applicants need to show a high level of achievement in their high school studies or undergraduate studies. Scholarship includes full tuition fee and 500 RMB each month for the living cost. We welcome all kinds of top students to apply for the scholarship as soon as possible.

How to Apply     

1.  Download the Application for Admission Form from the website: www.jxue.edu.cn , and fill it in honestly. Then send it to 270330159@qq.com

2. JUE International Education School will mail the Admission Notice and approved Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202) to the accepted students.

3. Holders of the above-mentioned documents and health examination certificate are supposed to apply for the Student Visa (X Visa) at the Chinese embassy in your country, and then come to school for registration on time, and pay the registration fee and tuition.

Note: JUE provides airport or train station pick-up service free of charge for new comers to Xinyu  for the first time. Students who prefer this service should inform the International Education School by email with detailed arrival information 7 days before their arrival.

Materials needed to submit

Foreign students enrollment application form of JUE(This form can be downloaded from  Http://www.jxue.edu.cn)

Graduation Certificate of Senior High school (Graduation Testimonial is needed by graduating students.)

Transcripts of senior high school

Copy of passport and three passport-photo sized photos.

Foreigner Physical Examination Form

No Criminal Activity Certificate

Note: Term NO.2 and 3 should be original script or notary’s certificate.

All documents should be written in Chinese or English.  


A Reference List of International Students Expenses





450 RMB/person

 First year



Standard tuition fee for international students applied for JUE (refer to the charging standard).



To be paid each semester and is decided by total amount of actual books price.

Health Insurance


Required by the Ministry of Education, all international students should buy health insurance during studying in China.

Physical Examination

 400 RMB/person

1. According to the regulations of relative organizations, international students should do the physical examination and pay physical examination fee.

2. Physical examination is required again when international students stay in China for more than 3 months.

3. Students are required to have physical examination again on the occasion of transferring to other provinces.

4. The standard is subject to the notice of Jiang xi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Residence Permit Fee

800 RMB/person/365 days

Standard fee Charged by the Office of Public Security. It varies according to the different validity period of residence permit you apply for.



Accommodation fee for living in the International Students Dormitory on campus, not including Bedding and personal belongings.

Deposits for Accommodation

500 RMB/person

It should be paid once before check-in, and will be refunded when the room and goods are in good condition.



Campus Living Conditions

Life on the campus is very convenient with post office, mini-supermarket, barbershop, clinic, laundry and bank ATM. The university cafeterias and dining halls provide different favored food, as Chinese food, fast food, local-featured favored food, cake products and Muslim food, etc.

The physical education facilities are also well-equipped. There are basketball, volleyball and football playground. In the school gym, there are badminton, table tennis, fitness center, etc.

International Students Dormitory

2 persons share one room with bathroom and kitchen. The bedrooms are equipped with 2 mattresses, air-conditioner, TV, desks and wardrobes, etc.

Note:Every student should pay 500 RMB for a living deposit. It will be refund after checking out of your room when students graduate.

Medical Insurance

The Ministry of Education of China requests that each foreign student studying in China should have to buy health insurance.

Health insurance fee: 900-1600RMB/year/person (under 45 years old)


Contact US

International Education School of Jiangxi University of Engineering

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Address:  Jiangxi University of Engineering (JUE)

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                        Jiangxi Province, China.

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